Vitamin IV Treatments 

Stay hydrated and energized. Our IV therapies reduce the time consuming recoveries from dehydration, hangovers, general illness and exhaustion, all common ailments on the island but ones which can help relieve.

Our expert team of highly-qualified medical professionals will ensure your swift recovery and you will walk away from our beautiful medical spa feeling re-energised, revitalized and revived! We also provides flexibility by offering our therapies in the comfort of your hotel or private setting before taking on the island for round two!


With 5 different IV treatments targeting a variety of wellness needs, it replenishes hydration, aids recovery from illness or jet lag, provides hangover relief, restores vitamin and nutrient levels, refreshes cosmetic apperance and revitalizes overall well being.


We have 4 different vitamin & nutrient injections (commonly known as booster shots) to helpyou towards your fitness and wellness goals. Vitamin B12 is a pure boost of energy. Glutathione is the master antioxident. Slimboost is our proprietary blend of B12, B complex and Methionine Inositol and Chlorine (MIC) to stimulate higher metabolism and fat burning to assist you in your weight loss goals. And CoQ10+ is our power fitness shot containing a mix of Co-enzyme Q10 and vitamins.


Our Partner is the pioneer in the industry with locations spreading 5 continents including Flagship clinics in Miami, Las Vegas, New York, UK, Lisbon, Toronto, Hong Kong, Grand Caymen and the UAE.


Booster Shots


B-12 - 29€

Pure Energy Injection


Slimboost - 39€

Metabolic Weight Loss Injection


Vitaboost - 39€

Master Antioxident Injection


CoQ10+ - 49€

Power Fitness Injection


IV Therapies


Hydromax - 99€

Hydration IV


Ultraviv - 149€

Recovery IV


Megaboost - 199€

Vitamin Wellness IV


Vitaglow - 199€

Anti-Ageing IV


Royal Flush - 349€

Deluxe IV



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